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Ball State Electronic Field Trips Website and Mobile App

Designer, Activity Developer, and Animator

The Ball State Electronic Field Trips Website and Mobile App was made for the State of Indiana's Bicentennial Celebration. The app is specifically aimed at teaching 4th grade History, and has been used in schools all over the state. Along with the app, a live broadcast was made at the Indiana State Museum and the original capitol building in Corydon, Indiana.

For Electronic Field Trips, I made games in the app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I designed and developed all the 'Measuring Map' games, which test a student's estimation between various places in Indiana or places related to Indiana history. I also made games where the student could customize a famous person in history with various accessories related to their time period or a theme. I built a tutorial on learning how to read a train schedule, and I made a game where students could analyze artifacts in Indiana history. I also helped fix bugs in all 79 of the app's games, even the ones I was not directly responsible for developing.

In addition to developing games, I also created motion graphics in the app. Everyone's favorite was the lovable "Henry the Hedgehog" loading screen animation. I also animated sequences for the live broadcast event's music video about the history of Indiana.

The app is available on the iTunes store or can be used online.

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