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Outside the Digital Corps on Ball State University's campus, there is a multi-touch board where people can play games. Originally, the board displayed one game at a time. Using JavaScript, I built a launcher where users could choose between games and return to the main menu after playing.

In addition to the launcher, I built a bubble shooter game called 'Charlie Destroyer of Worlds' and a 'Spot the Difference' game. After the games were complete, I also worked with Lucas Smith to make sure each game worked on the board and that all of the older games were playable.

Design work for the launcher and 'Charlie Destroyer of Worlds' was done by Aaram Rosco Kamali. Emily Mixter and Ian Buchanan designed the 'Spot the Difference' game.

'Charlie Destroyer of Worlds' and 'Spot the Difference' can both be played on the board in the hallway outside of the Digital Corps.

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